Here is what our clients have said about our service delivery and meeting their expectations:

  • Dr. Mylon was an engaging, knowledgeable and caring facilitator. After I expressed some concern with the tool, he took additional time to discuss its history and intent.  I appreciated that.  I think our center is poised to have (sometimes uncomfortable) discussions around diversity as it relates to our work and role.​

  • Mylon was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. 

  • Our organization needed a standardized tool to both give us shared base knowledge and understanding, but also to understand the individual composition of the organization in terms of intercultural competency.  I think this tool was very helpful in doing that and especially effective in demonstrating that we are not as competent as most of  us believe ourselves to be.  I was especially appreciative of the personal consultation, how in depth we went, the openness with which Mylon conducted the session, and his suggestions.  

  • The workshop and consultation was very timely for office.  The personal focus rather than the office wide focus was something we had not yet gotten and is crucial to our Diversity and Inclusion planning and work.

  • The workshop and individual meeting were extremely valuable and beneficial. I enjoyed the fresh perspective that the presenter brought through the assessment and presentation. I highly recommend it!

  • From the beginning Mylon was easy to work with and developed a plan that would fit our needs and budget.  Will be utilizing what we learned in the IDI session by encouraging people to develop the skills to increase their intercultural awareness and communication.  We will also be doing monthly workshops to practice these skills. 

  • I really enjoyed the individual session - they gave me a great understanding of my results.

  • It is hard to comment on the organizational impact at this point.  For me personally it has expanded some professional goals I wish to tackle and given me some new tools regarding cross-cultural communication.

  • Mylon was knowledgeable and comfortable with the content and the group as he lead the group through the material - we  could have used another half hour, but he managed well.  The individual coaching was well presented, Serjio was focused and helpful.

  • Having an outside organization and colleagues come in to talk with the team was very helpful as I think it increased buy-in to the IDI work and allowed for more open conversations about personal growth plans. 

  • I appreciated the information shared and wished we have more time as a large group to talk about the IDI in general as well as to process our group profile. The individual feedback session was very valuable in unpacking areas that I did not want to uncover.

  • I enjoyed the service that was provided by Sidebar and Mylon. I found it engaging and informative and think that it will help me to further my own professional and personal development. 

  • ​I really enjoyed the individual feedback and talking through my results. It gave me a lot to think about regarding the way in which I work along with some good ideas on how to move the organization forward. Thanks!​
  • Very interesting material and tool.  Presented very professionally but down to earth.  Look forward to working on my plan.  I can see being of great benefit to us as individuals and organizationally. 
  • Sidebar exceeded my expectations in the area diversity enlightenment.