Our Services


We pride ourselves in designing specific services that will meet your needs.  We can show you how to take advantage of the strengths within your organization, improve your productivity, effectiveness, and help you achieve greater results.  Below is a sample list of the different services that we offer.  If you are looking for services that are not listed below, please contact us and let us know what you need.  Chances are, we can deliver!  

Strategic Planning

Helping you develop a plan with SMART goals tied to your mission, vision, values , and key objectives of your organization.

Student and Staff Development/Team Building

Helping you understand and improve staff dynamics, teams and workplace relationships.  We also help develop student clubs/organizations.

Development and Facilitation of Staff and/or Student Retreats

Partnering with various sites and venues in your area to provide a retreat that fits your staff's needs.

Organizational/Business Development 

Conducting culture/climate analysis, communication network analysis and strategic planning.  Helping organizations understand and management change.  Developing organizational vision, mission, values and goals.  We can also help you start a business.

Program Assessment and Evaluation

Assessing the outcomes of your organization's program(s) and activities.  Creating assessment plans. Researching, benchmarking and creating assessment and evaluation tools and rubrics.  Authoring and presenting reports.

Learning Assessment and Evaluation

Assessing the outcomes of your learning activities. Gathering data on participants' experiences; Creating learning outcomes for your team; creating learning assessments and rubrics for evaluation.  Developing learning interventions.  Writing curriculum.  Authoring and presenting reports.

College Preparation

Helping students prepare for transitioning and acclimating to college. Providing recommendations for supporting first generation students.  Supporting parents and families.  Designing plans to assist students with developing healthy study skills.  Helping students navigate the college admissions process. 

Staff Selection and Training

Developing and implementing behavioral-based interviewing processes. Designing effective staff selection and training programs and processes.

Marketing and Communication 

Establishing and marketing your brand.  Surveying and understanding target audiences and demographics.  Developing brand messaging.  Writing press releases and other important business communications.  

Intercultural Competency Development 

Using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to help individuals and organizations understand and improve their intercultural competence.  Also, using the Conflict Styles Inventory (CSI) to help individuals and organizations understand and address conflict.

Assessments and Inventories

IDI, Myer’s Briggs, True Colors, Strengths, Theories of Communication, Learning Styles and Apologia (the art of apologies). 

Diversity and Inclusion

Developing and implementing organizational and individual strategies for leveraging diversity and cultivating inclusive environments.  Developing strategies for increasing diverse representation.  Designing and facilitating diversity programs and activities.

First-Year Programs

Identifying current trends and needs of first-year students.  Designing programs and engagement strategies for first-year students, such as academic and living-learning communities.